COMPASS: Another Washington “compromise” advancing liberal agenda

June 14th, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill.

The big news this weekend was the announcement by 20 Senators – 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats – of an agreement that attempts to stop future mass murder incidents like what occurred in Uvalde, TX. You won’t be surprised that there’s no conservative solution in the Washington bipartisan compromise, the proposal is simply a mixture of liberal proposals and government spending.

The headline pieces of the deal are three: promoting “red flag” laws nationwide, more federal funding for mental health in schools, and new restrictions on gun buying from age 18 to 21.

The media is doing all it can to make each proposal seem gentle and helpful. But anyone who has watched how our discredited public institutions have abused the people’s trust in recent years should be deeply suspicious.

New spending on “mental health” programs sounds fine in theory, but we have every reason to believe these funds will be spent on more woke LGBTQ indoctrination under the guise of “equity & inclusion” in our schools. The largest liberal think tank just bragged about using mental health funding for this purpose a few weeks ago.

Red flag” laws sound good in theory. So many mass murderers show signs of serious mental illness before they act that we all wish there were some way to prevent them from getting guns in the first place. On the other hand, we’re talking about denial of someone’s constitutional rights and confiscation of people’s
property without due process before any crime has been committed.

Can government in 2022 really be trusted not to abuse this power?

Remember: the new woke elites think disagreeing with them is a mental illness. And they believe parents who speak up at school boards are domestic terrorists. How will they define “red flag”? Putting a MAGA sticker on your truck? Refusing Covid-19 vaccinations? Going to church? Believing only women can give
birth, or that people of all races are created equal?

As Rep. Chip Roy said on the House floor last week, “Tyrants disarm the people they plan to oppress.”

David Harsanyi also got right to the point on the deal spearheaded by liberal Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut:

It is unlikely that a single liberal voter is going to turn on Murphy for convincing 10 Republican senators to concede that guns, rather than underlying cultural and societal forces, are driving mass shootings.

It’s not as if Murphy agreed to negotiate for concealed carry reciprocity or the funding programs that train teachers to defend themselves and their students — ideas that lead Republican negotiator Sen. John Cornyn allegedly supports. He gave up nothing. Murphy is already re-tweeting The New York Times’ claim that Democrats got more than they had “hoped for.” The bipartisan deal, says The Washington Post, is just a “first step.” In a day or two, if that, liberals will be back to accusing legal gun owners of being abettors of terrorism and child murder.

The fact is, none of these provisions will help keep our streets, our schools, or our families safe. And every one requires a huge leap of faith – to trust government agencies that have spent a generation showing us why they don’t deserve it. Americans should demand that state and school board officials protect schools and students. Killers should never be the only one in a school with a gun.

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