COMPASS: J6 Committee’s Desperate Primetime Theater

June 7th, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill.

Congressional Democrats are ready for their close-ups. After more than a year of dithering, harassment, and coordinated leaking, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Committee will hold its first public hearing in prime time, Thursday night at 8:00 EDT.

And just to show how seriously they are approaching their solemn task, House Democrats have unofficially hired the former president of ABC News (Media bias? What media bias?) to produce the hearings like a reality TV series.

Except, it’s not.

The January 6th Committee has always been an exercise in fantasy. From the beginning, they refused to investigate the real circumstances that led to the riot – the suspicious lack of security around the Capitol, the role federal agencies and assets may have played, the Left’s repeated endorsements of political violence and campaign to discredit America’s cops. Nor did they ever intend to investigate the actual evidence of irregularities during the 2020 elections.

When House Republicans proposed doing these things, Speaker Pelosi refused to allow them on the Committee at all.

Yet with all the resources of the United States Congress, the Biden Administration and Deep State, every Big Tech corporation and mainstream media outlet behind them, all the J6 Committee has unearthed is … some text messages. Their own people admit themselves there’s no “smoking gun.” Nothing illegal. Nothing unethical. Nothing even all that interesting.

So what is the Committee and Thursday night’s big show all about? Well, according to Axios, it’s a smokescreen for congressional liberals to push their real agenda:

  • Eliminating the electoral college,
  • A federal takeover of U.S. elections, and
  • Empowering law enforcement to surveil conservative activists.

Of course this was their endgame all long!

They don’t care about January 6, 2021; they only care about November 8, 2022, November 5, 2024, and the national polls showing the country blaming them for all the messes we’re in.

As ever with the Left, it’s politics all the way down. Just like when they called parents “domestic terrorists” for questioning school boards. Just like when they started calling for gun confiscation in the wake of the Uvalde tragedy. Just like when they blamed Vladimir Putin for the inflation they themselves caused.

The media is whining that the public is sick of hearing about January 6th and Congress’s cheap, partisan investigation. NBC:

“A slew of leaks in the run-up to the hearings could leave viewers with a feeling they’ve heard it all before. What’s more, a year and a half after that harrowing afternoon when a violent mob tried to stop certification of Biden’s victory, many Americans have moved on.”

Yes, well, a border crisis, an inflation emergency, a shortage of baby formula, a crime wave, maybe a recession, and a leadership class more interested in shredding the Bill of Rights than solving any of the above have a way of concentrating the public’s mind on real issues and not the Left’s make-believe ones.

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One More Thing

I will be subbing in on The Compass for the next few months for the happiest reason possible. Rachel and her husband welcomed their first child last week. Please keep mom, dad, and baby Gabriel in your prayers!