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Washington is an easy place to become overwhelmed.
We're supporting, training and educating conservatives to better articulate and advance their principles in the nation’s capital.

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The Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) is dedicated to providing a platform for citizen leaders, the conservative movement, Members of Congress, congressional staff and scholars to be connected. The organization works to provide these leaders with the tools, tactics, resources and strategies to help make them successful in advancing conservative policy solutions.

Too often, conservatives send new leaders to Washington, D.C., but see disappointing results when they get there. The truth is that many of these men and women want to do the right thing, but find it difficult to succeed as conservatives in Washington where they are surrounded by enormous institutional and media pressures to bend to the status quo of big government.

CPI is led by former Congressman and Senator Jim DeMint and a team of experienced Capitol Hill veterans who have fought and beaten back the Washington establishment. The organization has access to the best policy research and scholars in the conservative movement, unmatched expertise in House and Senate procedure, and the relationships necessary to help conservatives on Capitol Hill succeed in restoring America to its founding principles.

CPI does not take positions on legislation or engage in lobbying or partisan campaign activities. All programs are established for the purpose of promoting conservative policies and principles and are not based on considerations of any political party.

About Our Logo

CPI’s logo is drawn from the richly patterned and colorful Minton tiles that are inlaid onto the floors of the United States Capitol. The tiles, manufactured in England by Minton, Hollins and Company, were installed in the Capitol beginning in 1856.

Unlike ordinary painted tiles which wear down with age and use, Minton tiles are encaustic — that is, they are made of colored clays which are infused into the tile. Tiles made in this manner are nearly impervious to wear, and retain their colors after years of use. In fact, encaustic tiles have been uncovered in excavations of Pompeii — the ancient Roman city buried under layers of volcanic ash in 79AD. Even amidst destructive forces of nature, the tiles were found to have retained their fresh colors and intricate design.

At CPI, we seek to give Members of Congress and their staff the same qualities as the indestructible Minton tiles — tenacity in the face of challenge, and an infused commitment to conservative principles that retains its strength year in and year out. Through facilitating relationships and providing resources and strategic advice, CPI aims to give Members durability in their principles, and the confidence to maintain their true colors in the face of opposition.

The specific design of CPI’s logo comes from a particular Minton tile in the Lyndon Baines Johnson room, across from the Senate floor in the Capitol. The LBJ room was originally designed to be the Senate library, as evidenced by the frescos adorning the ceiling. Completed by Constantino Brumidi in 1867, the frescos are allegorical references to History, Geography, Physics and Telegraph. Like the room where this Minton tile resides, CPI seeks to provide the best scholarly resources available to conservatives through meetings with scholars, access to the best research, and experienced policy analysis.

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