Hans von Spakovsky: ALERT! “Rigged” Choice Voting Robs Voters of Ballots and Throws Elections Into Chaos

January 18, 2023

In recent weeks, more citizens have become aware of a dangerous threat to America’s election process called “Ranked Choice Voting.” It is appearing in legislation in many states, mostly recently in Virginia, and is sometimes even embraced by Republicans who have not done enough homework to understand the danger it represents.   RCV results in votes […]

Cleta Mitchell & Heather Honey: The Lawless Elections of Maricopa County

January 11, 2023

Please join Cleta as she interviews Verity Vote founder and Pennsylvania Fair Elections Coalition Chair Heather Honey, recently called as an expert witness in the post-2022 Arizona election integrity court case.  With her election integrity experience, expertise as an open source investigator and ability to review and interpret the accuracy of ballot reporting systems and procedures, Heather […]

Prophecy Fulfilled: the DOJ continues its “flabbergasting” leftist campaign against election integrity

January 4, 2023

When this episode of “Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell” podcast originally aired in May of 2022, guest Maureen Riordan – a veteran attorney, retired from the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division – warned of the hyper-partisan and leftist ideology that dominates the DOJ swamp. During the 2022 election cycle, the Department of Justice proved Maureen’s warnings to be accurate […]

Merry Christmas from EIN!

December 21, 2022

Please enjoy this heartfelt message from Election Integrity Network Chairman Cleta Mitchell, as she counts our many gifts and blessings — including you, our election integrity partners! Wishing a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and joyous holiday season from our EIN team to you and your family as we celebrate the freedoms God has provided our […]

Washington Examiner:  Ranked Choice Voting Should be a Hard NO in Every State

November 30, 2022

“Rigged” Choice Voting is terrible: full stop. It is terrible regardless of party. It is terrible regardless of who won or lost a recent RCV-based election. It is very confusing to understand — making it easy for its proponents to promote. This great “primer” by Honest Elections Project lays out the dangers of this bad […]

Going forward from Florida: Purple Pens and Knitting Patterns Reveal Election Problems

This interview is part of EIN’s “After and Before” Series. After 2020 and 2022, and Before 2024: Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell Podcasts discussing state-by-state experiences in 2022 from the Election Integrity Network’s citizen leaders: The bad…but also the good – and the positive difference an election integrity infrastructure made and is making in state […]

Press Release: Election Integrity Network Publishes Citizen Observers’ Reports Documenting Epic Failure in Maricopa County on Nov 8, 2022

November 22, 2022

Washington, DC.  Election Integrity Network (EIN) has published on its website reports from more than 100 citizen observers, election workers and volunteer attorneys who were eyewitnesses to a chaotic election in Maricopa County, AZ on November 8, 2022.  These troubling reports, found at  www.whoscounting.us/Maricopa/ describe massive technology, equipment, management, and leadership failures in epic proportions that disenfranchised thousands of Maricopa […]

Going Forward from Michigan: More Resolve Than Ever

November 18, 2022

This interview is part of EIN’s “After and Before” Series. After 2020 and 2022, and Before 2024: Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell Podcasts discussing state-by-state experiences in 2022 from the Election Integrity Network’s citizen leaders: The bad…but also the good – and the positive difference an election integrity infrastructure made and is making in state […]

We Need To Talk About What Didn’t Happen On Election Day

November 14, 2022

A number of noteworthy things did not happen on Election Day 2022. Everyone knows the red wave didn’t happen. But that isn’t all that didn’t happen. The chaos at the polls that was going to be caused by the presence of citizen poll watchers did not happen. Despite being hysterically predicted (hoped for?) over the […]

State of Florida Puts Unlawful Ballot Traffickers on Notice

October 27, 2022

Coalitions work. Citizen engagement works. It’s about the ballots, not the parties. Kudos to Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd, Governor DeSantis and the Office of Election Crimes for opening an investigation of paid ballot trafficking. And to brave Orange County Democrat Cynthia Harris for her resolute courage in bringing this case forward. Honored that […]

Honest Election Project’s Jason Snead: Election Integrity Facts Must Triumph Over Deceptive Language from the Left in Michigan Ballot Question….and in Every State

October 26, 2022

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project, is not just a veteran election lawyer and policy expert, as well as a messaging guru regarding election laws and policy, but a friend to every voter in our country who wants elections to be honest, lawful and fair – and believe that all legal votes should […]

Fox News Milwaukee: Vote “Yes” to Election Integrity On Your Ballot

October 24, 2022

As the Constitution delegates election administration to the states, some states have good laws, some have bad, and some states are silent on election protections. This election cycle, ballot initiatives presented to voters also reflect these differences. Some states are asking voters to tighten ballot security as others are for loosening protections. Unfortunately, the menace […]

Fox News: The Left Claims High Turnout Does Not Mean That Turnout Is High

After the Biden Administration and Georgia’s leftwing elites promoted the falsehood in 2020 that Georgia’s then new voting protection provisions would suppress votes, Georgia had the highest voter turnout in history. Georgia voters are now smashing previous early voting numbers, therefore left is at it again — claiming, somehow, that high voter turnout is not […]

Peaceful.  Lawful.  Honest: How Citizen Volunteer Poll Observers and Election Integrity Advocates Will Triumph Over Leftist Media Attacks

October 19, 2022

When the left gets nervous, it unleashes baseless attacks on good people through its cheerleaders in the media. In recent years, the anti-election integrity left has done its best to water down election protections and is now ramping up its rhetoric with not-so-subtle threats against election integrity advocates and poll observers. “Do not be dismayed!” […]

Gallup: New Flash — Americans favor common sense voter ID laws

October 18, 2022

U.S. voters are not with the activist left that is trying to block voter ID laws in every state and voting jurisdiction. In a new Gallup poll, nearly 80% of Americans favor photo ID for voting, leaving one to wonder, “what’s wrong with the other 20 percent?” But despite this good news, the poll also shows the election […]

The Epoch Times: Election Integrity’s Citizen Army is Engaged and Growing

Election Integrity Network was created to engage “regular folks” in the battle to protect all ballots of all voters at all times. As one election integrity advocate notes in this article, “Volunteers are not just complaining about a problem but are taking the time to learn how to solve problems and then taking action based […]

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