Politico: In New Jersey every vote matters and so does fraud

November 3, 2021

Early morning next-day election counts in NJ show the GOP challenger within 1,200 votes of the Democrat incumbent. New Jersey has a long history of criminal convictions for vote-buying and absentee ballot fraud by Democrats. It blocks voter ID, allows ballot trafficking and ignores signature matching laws on mailed ballots. 1,200.  It is easy to wonder […]

The New York Times: Data shows Virginia voters also defeated Dems’ “easy to cheat” laws

On November 2, Virginians soundly rejected progressive anti-family, anti-American policies and their advocates. Just as important is the climate in which they did it. In recent years, majority state Democrats made about 60 changes to VA voting laws that made it easier to cheat as ID laws were loosened, ballot trafficking was made legal, no […]

How Leftwing Billionaires Use Charitable Dollars for Political Purposes

In Part One of a two-part presentation, Scott Walter, President of the Capital Research Center, educates us about how the left uses “charitable” dollars for political purposes. With stunning graphics and data, Scott describes the massive left-wing political funding apparatus built over many years and documents in detail the development of the massive Democratic turnout […]

The Federalist: Will today’s Virginia elections corrupted by the same old liberal fraud schemes

November 2, 2021

With Virginia parents fed up with liberal, racist school policy in the state, and its citizens tired of non-sensical regulations from Covid tyrants, today’s off-year election is making liberals nervous and turning to tried and true methods of institutional fraud and ballot abuse. Leftist groups are manipulating the system, and liberal election officials are already […]

Black Community News: Black voters expected to have a strong impact on Virginia elections

Conservative, African American commentator Deroy Murdock notes that in today’s VA elections, black voters will turn out, make an impact, and look to Republican candidates in greater numbers than ever in the state. As Democrat elites try to manipulate minority voters, conservative candidates have reached out to the minority community, many of whom reject liberals’ […]

Washington Post: Citizens guarding ballot security send liberal election officials into a frenzy

October 29, 2021

Virginia voters, regardless of party affiliation, are dismayed by the hard-left turn liberal officials and legislators have taken the state — especially in schools. They also know that the ballots of every voter are at risk with the new voting laws pushed by state Democrats that make it easier to cheat. These concerns have led […]

McAuliffe spends big in final days on sanctioned lawyer who sued to overturn Iowa House race

In the last days of a critical gubernatorial election in Virginia, the left’s chief election corruption strategist, attorney Marc Elias, has been hired by Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe in an effort that must be considered an attempt to disrupt election integrity.  Referred to as “disgraced partisan lawyer with deep ties to liberal dark-money,” by Honest Elections Project […]

Election Integrity Laws are the Hinges that Open the Doors of Freedom

October 27, 2021

The Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky recounts to Cleta Mitchell a fascinating and inspiring personal family history that led him from corporate law to becoming one of America’s most important election integrity legal experts and proponents.  Hans is the co-author with John Fund of a new book, “Our Broken Elections:  How the […]

Dems’ Push for Fed Control of All Elections Is Going Nowhere

October 26, 2021

Early this summer, Senate Democrats tried to advance H.R. 1, a sweeping bill designed to launch a partisan federal takeover of America’s elections. They failed to win over even every Democrat in Congress. Now, they are offering a bill they’ve dubbed the Freedom to Vote Act, though a more honest name would be the Freedom to Cheat […]

Get Smart About What Really Happened in the 2020 Election

J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation presents a concise review of the corruption liberals baked into the election of 2020: private leftist money and its one-sided political interference and “a banana-republic style suspension of election rules.” Christian’s spot-on assessment demands enforcement of election laws and state lawmakers taking action to block private […]

Fox News: Election integrity lawsuit demands Fairfax, VA cease ignoring voting laws

In the middle of a critical off-year election, Virginia’s largest (and bluest) county is ignoring (i.e. violating) election rules that protect all voters. State statutes demand partial social security numbers be provided on mailed absentee ballot applications, but according to a newly filed lawsuit brought by the Virginia Institute of Public Policy, Fairfax County is accepting ballot […]

A Deadly Trend: Liberal Bias Transformed Into Election Corruption

October 20, 2021

Mollie Hemingway — Federalist Senior Editor and author of the new book Rigged reveals how big tech, a propaganda-driven liberal media, and Democrat strategy corrupted the 2020 elections. Mollie joins Cleta Mitchell to reflect on lessons learned and where the integrity of US elections is headed as they both draw on experience to identify problems and suggest […]

Honest Elections Project: What are YOUR state’s voting laws? Do they secure the vote?

October 19, 2021

The Election Integrity Network partners at Honest Elections Project has released a comprehensive and easy to follow guide on voting procedures and turnout for every state. As mandated by the Constitution and over 230 years of precedent, the right to determine voting protocols is vested in the individual states. Are your states’ laws safe — […]

Fox News: The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway demands election accountability

In an oped excerpted from her new book Rigged, Mollie provides facts and insights into the strategic and systematic corruption of elections organized and carried out by the left in the form of propagandizing leftwing media, manipulation by progressive big tech, and command and control by liberal Democrat operatives. What does the American public deserve to […]

Don’t let the Federal Government Take Over Georgia Elections

October 15, 2021

A state court judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by Garland Favorito, Suzie Voyles and other citizens, which was in the process of conducting an investigation of the Fulton County Election office’s management of the 2020 General Election. Read the full post on the Election Integrity Network website.

New York Post: Are voters or Mark Zuckerberg in control of elections?

October 14, 2021

Aggressive progressives are finding more ways to work around the system to influence elections for their own agenda. They are unconcerned about the integrity of the system or access for ALL voters. The left’s own Mark Zuckerberg is funding ideologically driven nonprofits to arrange a private takeover of government election operations and increase liberal votes […]

Update on 2020 Georgia Election Audit

October 13, 2021

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has now admitted in a court filing that YES, those workers in Fulton County WERE processing ballots into the night on November 3, 2020, AFTER they forced the observers and the media to leave. Prior to yesterday’s filing, Raffensperger had given 3 different versions of what happened on Election […]

Who’s Counting Podcast: The Truth Behind Who’s “Enforcing” Our Election Laws

What can citizens do to ensure election integrity in 2022 and beyond? J. Christian Adams from the Public Interest Legal Foundation joins Cleta Mitchell to discuss the steps we can take to promote election integrity and the dangers of the Left’s attempts to federalize elections in the United States. Adams is one of the top […]

Who’s Counting Podcast: Election lawbreakers in both parties skewed results in 2020

October 6, 2021

In this introductory episode of Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell, the country’s premier election expert reveals documented shenanigans by activist liberals in the judiciary from Montana to Georgia and beyond that corrupted results while election integrity proponents tried to secure accurate counts. You may be surprised to hear that state election laws were not just […]

The Patriot Post: The Left’s propaganda about voter suppression is a manipulative, political lie

October 5, 2021

When liberals tell falsehoods about “voter suppression” they tell big ones. Their most disgraceful lies are that minority voters are discriminated against as they were during the national embarrassment that were Jim Crow Laws, and that securing votes for all Americans somehow hurts minority voters. In recent Senate Judiciary testimony, election law attorney Hans von […]

Washington Examiner: Senate Democrats’ Judiciary hearing witness promotes divisive racial agenda

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats held a hearing in early October to push bills that corrupt and undermine fair elections. With a title worthy of Saturday Night Live — “Protecting a Precious, Almost Sacred Right” — one of the liberals’ witnesses was the Biden Administration Assistant AG for Civil Rights at DOJ, Kristen Clarke. In this article from […]

Washington Examiner: 80% of Manchin supporters say no to feds taking over state elections

A recent poll of West Virginians by the Honest Elections Project makes it clear that citizens of the Mountain State — particularly supporters of Senator Joe Manchin – do not want federal bureaucrats interfering with existing state election law. In huge numbers, his voters want him to stick with opposing the filibuster, to drop his objections to […]

Honest Elections Project: “Freedom to Cheat Act”- Nutshell version

October 2, 2021

Election integrity experts at Honest Elections Project have put together a primer on what Democrats are calling the “Freedom to Vote Act” which is, in reality, an open door to fraudulent voting and questionable results on election day. As HEP points out, the progressive bill makes it difficult to remove ineligible voters from outdated rolls, […]

New York Post: Build back vote fraud better funds included in Biden Bill

President Joe Biden and Capitol Hill Democrats have made sure that the left’s “community organizations” – notorious for ballot trafficking, voter intimidation and the presentation of magical ballots — are included in the Build Back Better bill to the tune of billions of dollars. What this means is that American taxpayers of all or no […]

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