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Georgia Bans All Private Money for Election Offices and Officials

After Georgia passed its anti-ZuckBucks legislation last year, election integrity advocates believed that they had fully protected voters from private money corrupting election offices.  But ZuckBucks and Georgia liberals invented a workaround loophole – just go ahead and give the corrupting cash directly to Georgia election officials, personally. Georgia’s legislature said no, and have closed […]

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Just One More Piece of Evidence That RCV Must Be Banned Across the Universe

Oakland voters went to the polls. Voters and election officials were confused by Ranked Choice Voting. One guy won. Then another guy one. “We’re sorry; we messed up the multiple counts,” said election officials. Then a JUDGE decided the outcome.  That’s not how voting is supposed to work. Election outcomes are to reflect the will […]

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RCV: A Skunk at a Garden Party is Still a Skunk

There’s no denying the dangers of “Rigged Choice Voting” – it has caused confusion among voters and election officials everywhere it’s been tried and leaves a trail of discarded ballots and controversy. Why would anyone support a procedural change that always ends up in silencing thousands of voters’ voices? Because it’s being pushed by the […]

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Biden Administration Taxpayer Funded Plan to Silence Patriotic Poll Watchers

Perhaps the most stinging untruth among the big, huge, whopping lies the left tells about election integrity poll observers is when they falsely accuse observers of being violent actors. Now the Biden Administration has attached taxpayer dollars to promote that lie – sending the Department of Homeland security to “guard the nation” against poll observers. […]

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Dave Carver: New Jersey’s Inspirational Voter Rolls Accuracy Activist and Leader


Dave Carver of New Jersey was a senior pharmaceutical executive with decades of experience in federally regulated data and software, with a gift for spotting anomalies and irregularities in data. As a longtime volunteer sports coach, he also knows how to build a multi-partisan team. These two skill sets have merged into Dave’s mission in […]

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