December 4, 2017

Press reports suggest that Congress is considering a legislative fix to DACA in its year end spending bill. Conservatives have long stood for an immigration system that applies the rule of law equally to both citizens and immigrants, and thus stand opposed to any action by Congress which would provide amnesty to those here illegally. […]

Tax Reform Roundup

November 28, 2017

As the House and Senate start making significant moves toward their goal of passing tax reform before Christmas, we’ve pulled together resources from the around the conservative movement which discuss the policies at stake. Know Your History Take a look at the tax concepts being discussed during previous tax reform debates. Cato Institute Policy Analysis […]


November 21, 2017

As Congress hurtles toward an end of the year spending deadline, conservative leaders are calling on Congress to prioritize fiscal discipline and prevent poor policies from being included in a massive omnibus spending bill. Read the memo below and on CAP’s website. November 20, 2017 Washington, D.C. For years, conservatives have been sounding the alarm on […]

The mother of all spending bills is coming

November 21, 2017

2017: The year congressional Republicans failed to deliver on their promises Just when we all thought 2017 didn’t have much gas left in the tank, it’s about to get worse. The mother of all spending bills is coming. Congress must reach a deal to fund the government by Dec. 8, or pass a short term Continuing […]


November 1, 2017

Over 100 conservative leaders are calling on Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to lift his hold on President Trump’s nominee for Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Read the memo below and on CAP’s website. October 25, 2017 Washington, DC Signatures updated 10/30/17 Conservatives have expressed concern over the Senate’s slow pace in […]

A Tribute to Richard Odermatt

October 26, 2017

Today, CPI Chairman Jim DeMint shared his thoughts on the passing of Richard Odermatt, longtime Heritage Foundation research editor and friend. ———— There are few people in the conservative movement who have had a hand in developing policy solutions to more problems and crises than Richard Odermatt—and fewer still with the kind of grace and joy […]

The lazy Senate is helping Democrats win re-election

October 24, 2017

By keeping the Senate in session a mere 2.5 days a week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is allowing vulnerable Democrats four extra days a week to hit the campaign trail. Senate Republicans have a historic majority advantage, with only eight seats to defend to Democrats’ 23. Will McConnell’s lazy Senate be enough to waste it? […]

Majority advantage in Senate seats up for re-election, 1790 – 2018

October 23, 2017

Year Majority Seats Up Minority Seats Up Majority Advantage 2018 6 26 20 2008 12 23 11 1954 12 20 8 1898 11 19 8 1928 12 19 7 1982 13 19 6 1952 13 19 6 1972 14 19 5 2004 15 19 4 1896 13 17 4 1882 11 15 4 1934 14 […]


October 11, 2017

Over 100 conservative leaders are calling on Senate Republican leadership to act with haste to confirm President Trump’s nominees. Read the memo on CAP’s website.   October 10, 2017 Washington, DC As President Trump approaches the end of his first year in office, his ability to implement his agenda across the executive branch has been […]

Are Democrats Obstructing Trump’s Nominees?

October 10, 2017

Much has been made of Democrat “obstruction” when it comes to confirming President Trump’s nominees for positions ranging from agency officials to federal judges. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell noted it in a press release last week, where he blamed the Senate’s slow pace of confirmations on Democrats getting in the way. But is this […]

Will the GOP let a procedural question stop them from repealing Obamacare?

September 18, 2017

After failing to repeal Obamacare earlier this year using the Fiscal Year 2017 reconciliation process, the Senate has found itself in a peculiar position. The reconciliation bill for FY2017 still remains on the Senate calendar, available for use. But for how long? Until this fiscal year ends on September 30, 2017? Until the end of […]

Conservative Godfathers: Reflections from Don Devine, Part II

September 3, 2017

This is Part II of a two-part interview with conservative philosopher, former aide to President Ronald Reagan, and author, Donald Devine. You can read Part I here. Don Devine is one of only a handful of people in Washington who truly understands The Swamp – what makes it tick, how it operates, and how best […]

What is a discharge petition?

August 31, 2017

Conservatives have been understandably frustrated with Congress’s inability to repeal Obamacare. That frustration continues to grow, as House and Senate leadership have made it apparent that they’d like to move on to other issues. The House Freedom Caucus is determined not to let them. Just before Congress left for their summer recess, the House Freedom […]

Conservative Godfathers: Reflections from Don Devine, Part 1

August 17, 2017

In a city where institutional experience is often in short supply, seeking it out can be a valuable exercise. That was my goal when I sat down with Donald Devine – a former aide to President Reagan, prolific author, and intellectual godfather in the conservative movement. Devine cut his teeth in the early, salad days […]

As Congress Leaves Town, the Fall Agenda Looms

August 4, 2017

Congress officially limps into their summer recess today, leaving town with almost no legislative accomplishments despite GOP majority control of the House, Senate and White House. The real news, however, is not what they leave behind. It’s what’s ahead. Consider what’s on the fall agenda for Congress when they return to town on September 5. Government […]

Obamacare: the Bad and the…Illegal?

August 3, 2017

Though they promised to repeal it “root and branch” if voters just gave them the majority, congressional Republicans have failed, again, to muster the votes for Obamacare repeal. So what’s next? Notable author and former staffer to President Ronald Reagan, Don Devine, points out that the White House can act on some issues unilaterally. He […]

Some real talk about amendments during reconciliation

July 25, 2017

With the dramatic vote to proceed to the American Health Care Act (the repeal bill the Senate passed in 2015) this afternoon, the Senate teed up a process that will shortly move to reconciliation (more on that here). As part of the reconciliation process, members will have an opportunity to offer a virtually unlimited amount […]

Policy Spotlight: Buckle up, it’s reconciliation time

July 25, 2017

The Senate is careening toward a full on reconciliation process on their latest attempt at Obamacare repeal. What is the motion to proceed, is vote-a-rama a real thing or a circus ride, and what? The Senate will vote until 3a? From the motion to proceed to vote-a-rama, Brookings’ Molly Reynolds has a great explainer to get […]

RELEASE: DeMint Launches ‘Conservative Partnership Institute’ to Support Conservative Movement

July 25, 2017

Today, former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint announced that he will serve as Chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI), a new nonprofit focused on providing conservative leaders and staff in Washington with the tools, tactics, resources and strategies to advance conservative policies in Congress. “Conservatives have built a strong system of electing new leaders to […]

BCRA unlikely to survive the Parliamentarian? Hold your horses.

July 24, 2017

On Friday, Senator Bernie Sanders released a document claiming that the Senate Parliamentarian was prepared to invalidate large portions of the BCRA as “noncompliant” with the Byrd Rule – the law that governs consideration of Senate reconciliation bills. Specifically, Sanders’ document highlighted restrictions on tax credits being used for abortion, and defunding of Palnned Parenthood, […]