The mother of all spending bills is coming

November 21st, 2017

2017: The year congressional Republicans failed to deliver on their promises

Just when we all thought 2017 didn’t have much gas left in the tank, it’s about to get worse.

The mother of all spending bills is coming.

Congress must reach a deal to fund the government by Dec. 8, or pass a short term Continuing Resolution until a deal is made shortly thereafter. A number of lawmakers have already latched onto the impending deadline as a vehicle for numerous unrelated priorities.

Statements and press reports suggest that deals are in the works to explode spending restraints, bail out health insurance companies, funnel more new and non-offset spending toward hurricane relief and provide amnesty to “Dreamers” — young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. All of this portends a bill so large that it threatens to send a crater through the deficit, and likely with it, the GOP majority.

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