We provide the support Conservatives need

It’s not easy to stick to your principles when you come to Washington. Whether you’re a member of Congress, a congressional staffer, or an activist working with a conservative policy organization, you will not be rewarded for being a patriot. Odds are, you’ll be isolated, ostracized, and made to feel alone.

But not at CPI. We provide a home base and a networking hub for conservatives here in Washington. We’ll help you build the relationships and gain the education and training necessary to thrive in an environment that too often strips you of your resolve.

Nearly every day of the week, you’ll find conservatives connecting with one another through CPI’s programs and activities—offering encouragement, advice, and camaraderie. From our “First Friday” gatherings for young staffers to our regular working groups, there’s always a chance to forge new strategic relationships here at CPI.

What We Do

CPI provides a platform whereby citizen leaders, scholars, and activists who are committed to conservative values and principles can be connected with the conservative movement, and with Congress, congressional staff, and organization leaders in Washington, D.C.  

  • Staffing: We identify, interview, and recommend conservative staffers for congressional offices and conservative groups.
  • Education & Training: We train congressional staffers, members of Congress, and public policy thought leaders to do their jobs right. 
  • Incubation: We help launch new organizations to fill strategic voids in the conservative movement.
  • Coalition Building: We build coalitions that bring conservatives together to have an impact on key issues.


Conservative members and public policy leaders need like-minded staffers who are dedicated to conservative principles and know how to get things done. CPI identifies, interviews, and recommends proven conservatives on the Hill and in organizations throughout Washington. 

To date, we’ve identified hundreds of top-notch candidates for positions in key House and Senate offices and within policy organizations. We keep our eyes on influential committees and conservative offices that will require fresh staffing needs, thanks to our birds-eye view of Capitol Hill and key relationships with leaders and staff.

Education and Training

CPI provides regular training seminars on House and Senate procedure, floor strategy, communications, the federal budget, economics, foreign policy, and much more. Our training seminars draw from the experience of CPI staff, who are Capitol Hill veterans and who work in collaboration with other conservative think tanks and organizations.

Whether it’s our “Revere Project” classes to create savvy, cancel-proof communicators or our training seminars on the policy process, we’re here to help conservatives do their jobs with skill and confidence. In 2023, CPI launched the Conservative Partnership Academy, to expand and formalize its training offerings.


CPI has provided the administrative, staffing, and legal support needed to launch more than a dozen groups–including America First Legal, Center for Renewing America, American Cornerstone Institute, American Accountability Foundation, State Freedom Caucus Network, Election Integrity Network, American Moment, and Personnel Policy Operations.

Coalition Building

CPI programs help orient and familiarize members of Congress, staff, and policy leaders with the legislative process. We create networks between and among new members and staff, veteran leaders, members of Congress, and top policy scholars. CPI leads consensus-building projects, bringing members of the conservative movement together in a way that actually moves the needle on tough issues.

Join Us

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