COMPASS: Debt Deal Advanced in the House

June 1, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House is back in session this week and the Senate will be in session for the next 4 weeks. As House members departed Washington D.C. on May 25th for the Memorial Day recess, they knew that there was potential for them to return over the weekend or during the […]

COMPASS: Rep. Roy Debt Limit Memo and Forced EVs

May 25, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House is in session this week and then will recess for the next week. The Senate is out of session this week, but will return next week and remain in session for four weeks straight. The House is in serious debt-limit negotiations with the White House and Congressman Chip […]

COMPASS: Border Timeline

May 17, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House is in session for the next two weeks and the Senate is in session for this week before they are out for a week of recess. This week is Police Week in the House of Representatives, so the House will take up a number of law enforcement aligned […]

COMPASS: Lee Letter

May 9, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House is in session for the next three weeks and the Senate is in session for the next two weeks. The House will take up H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023 this week, one of the majorities major promises for this Congress. H.R. 2 is a […]

COMPASS: This is Not a Debate About Ethics…

May 2, 2023

Good morning from Capitol Hill. The House is out of session for a week and the Senate is in session for the next three weeks. Last week, the House passed their debt ceiling bill by a slim 217-215 margin. Many across the country, and particularly inside the D.C. bubble, did not think even drafting legislative […]

COMPASS: Debt Ceiling Deal?

April 25, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House and Senate are both in session this week. Last week the House passed a party line bill to make sure biological men cannot compete in women and girls sports. The Senate debated amendments and then passed a bill to authorize appropriations for the U.S. Fire Administration and firefighter […]

COMPASS: Impending Battles in House Judiciary Committee

April 18, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House and Senate are back in session this week. The House will be in for eleven out of the next fifteen weeks dealing with everything from border security to debt ceiling (watch Speaker McCarthy’s pitch to the NYSE on his plan to raise the debt ceiling) to appropriations and […]

COMPASS: No one is above the law?

April 5, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House and Senate are both out of session the next two weeks for the Easter recess. Last week the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Cost Act on a bipartisan basis. The Senate passed a bill to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force in […]

COMPASS: Life in the Senate?

March 29, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House and Senate are both in session this week, before they both depart for the two-week Easter recess. This week, the House will take up H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Cost Act. H.R. 1 is a compilation of energy bills, aimed at reducing the cost of energy in the […]

COMPASS: The Biden Administration Personnel Problems

March 21, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House comes back for an abbreviated week after the Republican conference retreat and the Senate will be in session Tuesday through Friday this week. When the House returns this week, it will turn its attention to H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights Act. The Senate will debate and […]

COMPASS: Freedom Caucus delivers first legislative win in Washington

March 13, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House is out of session and Senate will work 3 of the 5 days this week. In case you missed it, the Senate passed by a vote of 81-14, a Joint Resolution aimed at overturning the D.C. Council’s desire to weaken the D.C. criminal code. The House of Representatives […]

Georgia Bans All Private Money for Election Offices and Officials

March 10, 2023

After Georgia passed its anti-ZuckBucks legislation last year, election integrity advocates believed that they had fully protected voters from private money corrupting election offices.  But ZuckBucks and Georgia liberals invented a workaround loophole – just go ahead and give the corrupting cash directly to Georgia election officials, personally. Georgia’s legislature said no, and have closed […]

Just One More Piece of Evidence That RCV Must Be Banned Across the Universe

March 10, 2023

Oakland voters went to the polls. Voters and election officials were confused by Ranked Choice Voting. One guy won. Then another guy one. “We’re sorry; we messed up the multiple counts,” said election officials. Then a JUDGE decided the outcome.  That’s not how voting is supposed to work. Election outcomes are to reflect the will […]

RCV: A Skunk at a Garden Party is Still a Skunk

March 3, 2023

There’s no denying the dangers of “Rigged Choice Voting” – it has caused confusion among voters and election officials everywhere it’s been tried and leaves a trail of discarded ballots and controversy. Why would anyone support a procedural change that always ends up in silencing thousands of voters’ voices? Because it’s being pushed by the […]

Biden Administration Taxpayer Funded Plan to Silence Patriotic Poll Watchers

March 3, 2023

Perhaps the most stinging untruth among the big, huge, whopping lies the left tells about election integrity poll observers is when they falsely accuse observers of being violent actors. Now the Biden Administration has attached taxpayer dollars to promote that lie – sending the Department of Homeland security to “guard the nation” against poll observers. […]

Dave Carver: New Jersey’s Inspirational Voter Rolls Accuracy Activist and Leader

March 1, 2023

Dave Carver of New Jersey was a senior pharmaceutical executive with decades of experience in federally regulated data and software, with a gift for spotting anomalies and irregularities in data. As a longtime volunteer sports coach, he also knows how to build a multi-partisan team. These two skill sets have merged into Dave’s mission in […]

COMPASS: Biden Returning to Trump-Era Immigration Policy?

February 27, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House and Senate are both back in session this week. The Senate will continue to vote on and process nominations. House committees will begin marking up bills in earnest this week, with lots of committee action across the board. Undoubtedly there will be some drama on the House floor, […]

Unlawful ZuckBucks Redux in Georgia: Revealed and Opposed

February 24, 2023

The Georgia law on private funding of public elections is clear: “NO.” Yet officials in DeKalb County invented a loophole and hoped no one would notice as they circumvented state law to greedily accept private money from the leftwing US Alliance for Election Excellence – the newest iteration of ZuckBucks. Election integrity activists in Georgia […]

Idaho Legislator Takes a Stand Against Treacherous Ranked Choice Voting

February 24, 2023

Ranked Choice Voting is bad, has failed everywhere it’s been tried, and the left is hard at work trying to insert it into state voting procedures. RCV is confusing for voters, forces voters to vote for people they don’t like, ALWAYS results in ballots being discarded, and makes accurate audits impossible. So, what’s the good […]

COMPASS: Budget Battle Lines Drawn

February 23, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The House and Senate are both out of session and will return to Washington next week. The most deliberative legislative body in the world, the United States Senate, seems content to just process nominations with little else scheduled. The House of Representatives will be in session four out of the […]

Marci McCarthy: A Citizen Patriot Dedicated to restoring FITness to Georgia Elections: Faith, Integrity and Trust (FIT)

February 22, 2023

Georgia’s Marci McCarthy is Chairman of the DeKalb County GOP and a fierce warrior for election integrity.   Her commitment is to never see a repeat of what she witnessed in the general election in 2020.    During the 2020 election, Marci was an election worker in Georgia’s second-most blue county as a member of a bipartisan […]

Those Pesky Constitutions: Progressive Rhode Island Legislator Pushes Non-Citizen Voting

February 17, 2023

There are two kinds of non-citizens in our nation. Some are here lawfully, and some are here illegally. A leftwing Rhode Island legislator pushing for all “residents” to vote draws no distinction between the two. He also picks and chooses through the state Constitution’s voting provisions as he embraces “over 18” requirements but glosses right […]

Three Municipalities Just Say No to the Left’s Corrupting Cash

February 17, 2023

“Zuckbucks” has morphed into the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence, but it is composed of the same elite billionaire leftwing donors trying to corrupt election outcomes and procedures by finding new ways to influence election officials. This article reveals how the Alliance tries to skirt Zuckbucks bans and turn election offices into Alliance fundraisers. More […]

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