COMPASS: Just Ruling or Cover Up?

June 13th, 2024

The House and Senate are back this week. The House begins the process of working through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA is the annual defense authorization bill that sets policies and spending levels for a whole host of things such as personnel, equipment, guns, bullets, tanks, planes, and ships.

Over the years, Congress has used the NDAA to further social engineering experiments such as Green New Deal emissions policies, taxpayer funded surgeries for sex change transitions, drag shows on military bases, taxpayer funded abortion travel (you’ll remember Sen. Tuberville’s stand against this), and a host of DEI initiatives. Last year, House conservatives took a bold stand and passed out of the House the most conservative NDAA in generations, that tackles nearly all of these issues. Unfortunately, the uniparty in D.C. ended up passing an NDAA that undid much of this work. This year, there are a number of amendments that will be considered, such as an amendment to prohibit the DoD from using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions. The fate of this amendment will also help determine what coalition of House members vote yes or no on the final bill. Look for likely passage of the NDAA at the end of this week.

Hunter Biden was recently convicted on three felony charges related to the falsifying of information while purchasing a gun. While many on the right cheered this decision because of its merits, some on the right also viewed this as a way to charge Hunter Biden with a minor gun violation and not alleged his conduct as an unregistered foreign agent or illicit foreign business dealings that could implicate President Biden.

David Harsanyi wrote more over at The Federalist in reference to the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. “. He explains, “And if the laptop is real, as everyone now must admit, then the texts and emails in which Hunter references his dad’s role in securing payments and taking a 10 percent cut are also real. Those claims have already been bolstered by witnesses. Circumstantial evidence and common sense already tells us that family business couldn’t be pulling in a dime without the participation of the president. Any responsible press would be highly curious about how the Biden family was pulling in millions from Chicoms and Ukrainians, while Joe was bragging about forging policy in that nation — among dozens of other shady issues.” There will certainly be ramping up of pressure to further probe the Biden family business? between now and July 11 when sentencing for President Trump occurs.

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