COMPASS: Democrats prepare $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill

September 7, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day, and shana tova to all our friends observing Rosh Hashanah. Congress remains in recess, though House committees continue to mark up and debate Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, which takes a cradle to grave approach to reshaping the relationship between citizens and […]

Welcome to Cleta’s Blog…about all things election integrity!

September 6, 2021

As we head into fall post-Labor Day, there is much to do to protect America’s elections. The US House passed HR 4 by a margin of five votes…with Democrats claiming it will protect voting rights of minority voters. Read why that is a subterfuge: House Democrats Pass Bill To Steal Elections The Old-Fashioned Way ( […]

The Federalist: Mitchell: “John Lewis Act” will corrupt elections and steal the political will of all voters

September 3, 2021

HR 4 “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act just passed in the House by Democrats only is the direct opposite of “voting rights.” EIN’s Senior Legal Fellow Cleta Mitchell pulls no punches in noting the dangers of this “brazen leftwing assault on America’s elections (that) would … dictate election outcomes for the rest of our […]

Breitbart: Trump suggests old ways are the best ways for voting

September 3, 2021

The complexities of voting machines, lax vote safety enforcement, liberal lies about “suppression” and media refusal to cover fraud have led some Americans – including former President Trump – to suggest a back to history approach for voting. Mr. Smith goes to the voting booth, proves he is Mr. Smith with an ID card, then […]

NEW! EIN provides data showing minority Americans are voting in high numbers and support voter ID

September 1, 2021

Although liberals and their political allies continue to claim widespread voter suppression is occurring today, statistics show that nothing could be further from the truth. Election data reveals voting participation for African-Americans and other minorities is high, and climbing, and that these voters also believe showing ID to vote is a common-sense provision that protects […]

NBC5Texas: Governor Abbot’s pen poised to usher in new election safeguards

September 1, 2021

A key election integrity bill has passed the Texas legislature and Governor Greg Abbott is ready to sign it into law. The Governor’s statement on the bill highlighted that its provisions are not voting restrictions, but changes to protect all ballots. These include uniform statewide voting hours, expanding access for voters needing assistance and giving greater access […]

The Federalist: Texas House Dems’ tantrum did not stop efforts to shore up election security

August 30, 2021

In running away to Washington DC to avoid voting on an election security bill, Texas House Democrats achieved nothing but to reveal to Texas voters that they were not willing to perform their duties on behalf of the misguided liberal voters who elected them. The bill passed the Texas House, and despite liberal lies to […]

PILF to State Election Officials: Liberal politicians want to steal your Constitutional authority and jobs

August 30, 2021

Control over election protocols is vested in the states through the Constitution and over 230 years of legal precedent. As Congressional Democrats push the “John Lewis Act” to unlawfully steal this right from states, radical leftist at the DOJ are devising ways to do this on their own. The Public Interest Legal Foundation has sent […]

Townhall: The best way to protect minority voters is by not passing Democrat voting “reforms”

August 27, 2021

As American Conservative Union’s Denise Cohen notes this hard hitting piece, The John Lewis Voting Advancement Act – passed on Democrat-only party lines and heading to the Senate – is a cynical “farce” that diminishes the successes of the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the great advancements made by African-American voters all the […]

COMPASS: The Senate takes up the Bernie Sanders $3.5 trillion amnesty budget

August 9, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. We’re all still observing Mayor Bowser’s strict mask mandate (the one she immediately broke), despite three COVID deaths in the last two weeks and the city hospital beds remaining at 87 percent capacity. Unlike American royalty Barack Obama, we cannot throw massive parties for several hundred of our closest friends. […]

COMPASS: Over 2,000 pages of infrastructure legislation; Mask mandates return to DC

August 2, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. Despite only three deaths from COVID over the last two weeks, a 1 percent 14-day average positivity rate, a total of eight individuals in the ICU with COVID citywide, and over half the city’s residents vaccinated (including 75 percent of residents age 65 and up), DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has […]

COMPASS: Cheney & Kinzinger sign up for Jan 6th investigation; House takes on spending bills

July 26, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The Capitol Police have a new chief. Thomas Manger will take the helm of the capitol force after what has been a very rocky year. The House and Senate are both in session. The House begins considering appropriations legislation this week, taking a first stab at its FY 2022 “minibus,” […]

COMPASS: Senate votes on infrastructure; House strips abortion protections

July 19, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. Today in DCist: “DC parents are suing city officials over a new law in the District which allows children 11 and older to acquire vaccines without permission from parents.” The House and Senate are back in session. Today, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will file cloture on the not-yet-drafted $1 […]

COMPASS: The Senate returns; California ignores the science

July 14, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. Washington DC, like many areas of the country, is apparently experiencing a resident exodus after a year of COVID19 lockdowns and rioting. The DCist reports that more than 9,000 of the city’s residents have left for good. The Senate is back in session this week. The House is only meeting […]

COMPASS: Congress is out, but infrastructure talks go on

July 7, 2021

Good morning from steamy Capitol Hill. Hope everyone had a great July 4th. If you missed DC’s fireworks display, you can watch it here. Both the House and Senate are out of session this week for the holiday. Senate Democrats return next week to kick off their infrastructure policy process, which right now appears to […]

COMPASS: A bipartisan infrastructure deal tentatively struck – to what end?

June 28, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. In case you missed it on Friday, the Director of National Intelligence released a highly anticipated report on “unidentified aerial phenomena,” also known as UFOs. The takeaway? The government has no idea what’s going on. But they haven’t ruled out aliens! The House is in session this week, while the […]

COMPASS: The Senate votes on partisan election overhaul

June 21, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. After 461 days, DC’s tyrannosaurus rex is finally out of quarantine. The Smithsonian Natural History museum (as well as several other Smithsonian museums) is open to visitors with a reservation. The House and Senate are both in session this week. The congressional infrastructure package continues to gurgle along. A group […]

COMPASS: Congress is back, infrastructure heats up, Rep. Ilhan Omar in the hot seat

June 15, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. Four years ago today, bullets ripped across a baseball field where Republican Members of Congress were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game. Leftwing political activist James Hodgkinson shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), then the House majority whip, U.S. Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner, congressional staffer Zack Barth, and lobbyist […]

COMPASS: Corporate media’s COVID-origin groupthink unravels

May 24, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. Apparently we, along with 15 other states from Pennsylvania to northern Georgia to eastern Illinois, are living through the once-every-17-year occurrence of cicada-apocalypse. Brood X (pronounced “Brood 10”) is emerging from its slumber, crawling out of the dirt to eat, mate, and torture us all. According to the Washington Post, […]

COMPASS: Can the Senate take on China?

May 17, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where most of DC’s COVID capacity restrictions will be lifted or reduced starting on May 21. Last week, the CDC announced that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks indoors, but says that students, who are at lower risk than vaccinated adults, should continue wearing masks for the […]

COMPASS: Senate takes up election overhaul bill; House votes on Liz Cheney’s leadership

May 10, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. A happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, we are grateful for you! The House and Senate are back in session this week. The Senate makes its first move on a hotly contested election overhaul bill this week when the Rules Committee marks up the For The […]

COMPASS: Biden addresses Congress, will he address the border?

April 26, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The Supreme Court announced this morning it will hear arguments in NY State Rifle & Pistol Assoc. V. Corlett, a case regarding whether or not there is a constitutional right to carry firearms outside the home for self-defense. This is the first Second Amendment case the court has granted in over a decade. The […]

COMPASS: GOP senators roll for Biden nominees; border in flames

March 24, 2021

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The cherry blossoms are halfway to peak bloom! The House has left town for a three week recess. The Senate is in session this week, however, and will confirm a handful of Biden nominations. Among them is Dr. Rachel Levine, Biden’s nominee to be Assistant Secretary of Health at the Department […]