COMPASS: Congress is out, but SCOTUS is in

October 3, 2022

The House and Senate are officially out of town for the next six weeks until they return for a lame duck session in mid- November. And that lame duck will be a busy one. Before they left, both chambers passed a Continuing Resolution to December 16, setting up another government funding deadline. (You can see […]

Hans von Spakovsky: Heritage Foundation Election Law Scorecard Tracks Homeruns and Strikeouts for Every State

September 28, 2022

In this episode of Who’s Counting?, Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakosvky talks with Cleta about the current state of Heritage’s Election Integrity Scorecard, a comprehensive index of state election laws – and the progress (or failure to advance) by the states since the scorecard was first released in December 2021. Hans and […]

COMPASS: Funding the government-induced chaos

September 26, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. Shona tova to all those observing Rosh Hashanah. The House and Senate are both in session this week and are up against a federal funding deadline on September 30. The forthcoming Continuing Resolution is rumored to fund the government until December 16th. I say “rumored” because, of course, no one […]

“Overseas” Ballots: No Address No ID No problem

September 21, 2022

In a new report, Verity Vote founder Heather Honey utilizes her open-source investigative skills to uncover an emerging vote fraud concern — overseas ballots and their potential as a strategy for leftwing vote fraud. Analysis of overseas ballots, and leftwing social media chatter unabashedly promoting it as a new frontier for fraud, should be a […]

ERIC: The Force Behind Bloated Voter Rolls, Leaks Citizen Data to Leftwing Founder’s Nonprofit

September 14, 2022

Heather Honey, the founder of Verity Vote, is an open-source investigator. Utilizing her expert research skills in a new report, Heather exposes the secret connection whereby ERIC, (Electronic Registration Information Center) a taxpayer-funded entity, is a primary obstacle to cleaning America’s voter rolls.  Founded and initially funded by the left ostensibly to “help” with voter roll accuracy, […]

COMPASS: The Case For A Short Term CR

September 13, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. The Compass is a day late this week as I have been out in Miami at the Conference for National Conservatism. Videos from the conference, including speeches from Gov. Ron DeSantis, Peter Thiel, Sen. Rick Scott, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Josh Hawley, are being posted here. My remarks are […]

The Palin Precedent & “Rigged” Choice Voting

September 7, 2022

The Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow, Hans von Spakovsky, is an attorney and nationally renowned expert in election law and procedures. In this episode, Cleta and Hans expose an emerging threat to election integrity – ranked-choice voting. Complex, disorienting and arguably unconstitutional, it is destabilizing to our electoral process, unfair to our voters, and must […]

COMPASS: Congress re-engages, CR on the horizon

September 6, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. They’re baaaaack. Well, almost. The Senate returns to Washington this week, while the House will be back next week. But looming over Congress’s return is the September 30th government funding deadline and all the drama that entails. Reports indicate Democrats are considering a continuing resolution (a CR, which is a […]

Tales from the crypt: the Department of Justice’s Voting “Left” Section

August 31, 2022

In the aftermath of the unprecedented August, 2022 raid on President Donald Trump’s personal residence, it is clear that the FBI has become a puppet of the left. But who pulls the strings? The Department of Justice and the deeply ingrained leftist attorneys and bureaucrats who operate within. Perhaps no one has better insight into […]

COMPASS: Social Media as Surrogates for State Censorship

August 29, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. Both the House and Senate are still out of session, which means the city is quiet as we all soak up the waning days of summer. D.C. is sleepy, but the news cycle is not. Mark Zuckerberg made news last week, confirming that Facebook suppressed circulation of the New York […]

Cleta on Bannon’s War Room Recruits Army of Poll Workers

August 25, 2022

Cleta on Bannon’s War Room Recruits Army of Poll Workers to counter Biden’s leftist push to use taxdollars for partisan political activity  Cleta Mitchell, tell us about the piece and particularly what you guys are doing now in conjunction with the RNC cause every time you have these summits, we send people, I get tremendous […]

NPR loathes our MAGA movement

August 24, 2022

How the CPI became the most powerful messaging force in the MAGA universe July 21, 20221:49 PM ET Heard on Fresh Air Transcript Journalist Maggie Severns explains how the Conservative Partnership Institute helped push the Republican party further to the right and became what she calls a “clubhouse” for insurrectionists.….. GROSS: Let’s talk about Cleta […]

New York Times attacks Cleta Mitchell & The Election Integrity Network

August 24, 2022

Lawyer Who Plotted to Overturn Trump Loss Recruits Election Deniers to Watch Over the Vote A central figure in the scheme to reverse the 2020 election is mobilizing grass-roots activists into an “army of citizens” trained to aggressively monitor elections. By Alexandra Berzon May 30, 2022 In a hotel conference center outside Harrisburg, Pa., Cleta […]

POLITICO: Election Integrity Network trains poll workers & watchers

August 24, 2022

RNC links up with ‘Stop the Steal’ advocates to train poll workers Recordings of recruitment “summits” show party officials working with Cleta Mitchell and other leaders of Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Recordings indicate the Republican National Committee is relying on people who have spread false or unproven claims of irregularities and conspiracies […]

COMPASS: Taking On A Corrupted FBI

August 22, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. There continue to be more questions than answers as it relates to the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago. However, this morning Judge Bruce Reinhart rejected the Justice Department’s argument to keep the affidavit under seal. The affidavit would likely describe, among other things, the assertion of probable cause that President Trump […]

COMPASS: The raid that shook the country

August 15, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. In an absolutely shocking event with no historical precedent, the FBI last Monday raided the Florida home of former president Donald Trump. According to the release of the warrant (but, critically, not the affidavit), the raid was based on a dispute over Trump’s handling of classified documents, and in fact […]

Who’s Counting Banned from YouTube

August 10, 2022

The Department of Justice is supposed to be nonpartisan, dedicated solely to equal justice under law. With the unprecedented raid this week of former President Trump’s home and office at Mar-a-Lago by the FBI, authorized by Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, we are witnessing the complete abandonment of any pretense of […]

COMPASS: Senate passes $740 billion reconciliation bill

August 8, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. After a little more than 15 hours of vote-a-rama, the Senate yesterday passed the $740 billion reconciliation bill by a vote of 51 to 50, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking a tie vote. All previous skeptics of the large reconciliation package – Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Sen. Kyrsten Sinema […]

Vote-by-mail is the worst way to run an election

August 5, 2022

2020 was the first time an election was conducted by mass vote-by-mail. It was a train wreck. According to federal data, election officials do not know what happened to nearly 15 million mail ballots in 2020. Some of these ballots were blowing in the winds on Nevada roads, and some were in stacks on apartment […]

COMPASS: Republicans get “rinky-doo’d”

August 1, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. As of Saturday, President Biden is in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 – again. Biden has been vaccinated four times and has a so-called “rebound” case after taking the Pfizer antiviral, Paxlovid. The White House reports that he has no symptoms. Down the street, the House is in recess. […]

U.S. News: New Mexico judge upholds election transparency for state voters

July 27, 2022

Knowledge is power, and transparency is knowledge. The Voter Reference Foundation publishes voter lists that are already lawful public information, but often kept from the public by high fees from secretaries of state. How a person voted is not revealed; but the voter database is a critical tool for voter roll maintenance.  As usual, Democrats blocked this effort […]

The Daily Caller: The left lives on opposite day on vote protection laws

July 27, 2022

Election laws that enhance voting safeguards increase voter confidence, assure people their personal vote will count, and thereby increase voter turnout. The move toward voter ID, signature verification and hardening penalties against vote fraudsters is a common-sense, pro-American, pro-voter plan. Despite the left’s senseless talking points that everything good is bad, the American people know […]

COMPASS: The Mad Dash to August

July 26, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill. I’m back in the host seat after my husband and I welcomed our baby boy in early June. Thank you all for your well wishes. The three of us are getting on marvelously (and with a lot of coffee!). Congress is back and with a major to-do list. Longtime Hill-watchers […]