Statement from Jim DeMint about Mark Meadows

August 15th, 2023

Mark Meadows is one of our nation’s most humble, selfless, and unwavering conservative leaders. His track record of serving and defending the Constitution and the American people is unparalleled in the nation’s capital.

Mark put his name and reputation on the line when he founded the House Freedom Caucus to hold leadership accountable and make Washington work for America’s forgotten men and women, not for the elites and special interest groups.

From honorably serving as Chief of Staff for President Donald Trump to helping lead the Conservative Partnership Institute in recent years during unprecedented political attacks against the Trump administration, he’s proven to be one of America’s most courageous conservative fighters. His heartfelt commitment to Americans who feel Washington has left them behind is the reason Mark is a target of this embarrassing and partisan prosecution in Georgia; the Left clearly hopes that by attacking him, liberals can keep good people out of public service.

While the Left, in a desperate attempt for political power, is mocking our justice system, CPI will not relent in supporting Mark Meadows and our mission to save America’s freedoms for future generations.


Jim DeMint
CPI Chairman