Bovard on Pelosi’s COVID-19 Bill: A Liberal Wishlist, “Woke-Scolding”

March 24th, 2020

Earlier today, CPI’s Senior Director of Policy Rachel Bovard documented the liberal policies buried in Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s COVID-19 response bill, policies that would do nothing to solve the public health crisis.

Her Twitter thread pointing out this abuse has gone viral. It has been shared by numerous conservative leaders including Senator Mike Lee, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Ben Shapiro, Donald Trump Jr., and Dan Bongino. Additionally, her research was used during debate on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

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Here is Rachel’s analysis below.

Pelosi’s #COVID19 bill is 1,119 pages and contains provisions for “conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections” so yeah it’s really very focused on the crisis at hand.‍♀️


It also bails out the postal service.

Also, guys, let’s maybe focus on restricting stock buybacks and executive compensation with taxpayer loans and save the woke-scolding for later?
Ah, yes, requiring early voting will save us all from #COVID19.
Same day voter registration, a long-time Dem wishlist item, very relevant to addressing those businesses and working families about to go under from #COVID19.
We can agree or disagree about the value of collective bargaining for federal employees but can we all agree that it doesn’t belong in a relief bill DESIGNED TO HELP PEOPLE WITH #COVID19.
I’m just going to throw this out there: Requiring the airlines to fully offset their carbon emissions is not going to save the airlines.

You know what families who can’t work and are struggling to make rent really care about?

Being able to look up greenhouse gas emissions from the flights they can’t afford to book.

I, too, care for community journalism.

But right now none of them have jobs because of #COVID19 so maybe this isn’t the time to modify their retirement plans.

I mean. Again. Worthy goal? Perhaps. We can debate it. But why are we establishing all these new programs when what we really need is to PASS A BILL TO HELP PEOPLE WHO CANNOT WORK.
Ah, here it is. The prohibition on stock buybacks, exec comp, & dividends for corps receiving taxpayer loans. I actually agree w/ this. But, it’s a tiny provision amidst bailing out the USPS, emissions mandates on the airlines, & ensuring woke corporate boards. So here we are.

Annnnd….in case you thought we were done with the woke-scolding, you were wrong.

Families can’t pay their mortgages and there aren’t enough ventilators, but you know what we will have? Corporate budgets dedicated to diversity & inclusion initiatives!