Election Integrity creates a new Time for Choosing: An Interview with The Honorable Ken Blackwell

November 24th, 2021

Statesman, patriot, and defender of election integrity,  J. Kenneth Blackwell joins Cleta to discuss the intersection of history, our system of self-governance and today’s attack by the left on our elections, liberty and culture. Discussing his own family’s experience with racial discrimination in the past, Ken celebrates the incredible progress of minority voters in just a few decades, detailing high black voter participation and numbers of minority officials elected in every state. Recalling Rev. Martin Luther King’s wisdom of choosing community over chaos, Ken notes the American community is bound together by rights that come from God —  not government  — and that the liberty that binds us together must be protected by all of us from the front lines and not the sidelines. 

J. Kenneth Blackwell is the former Mayor of Cincinnati, and served as the State Treasurer and Secretary of State of Ohio, and was the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council. Ken gives generously of his time to numerous conservative organizations and lends his expertise to many election integrity organizations.   Ken serves as an advisor to the Family Research Council, and on the board of directors of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and the National Rifle Association.  Ken is the Chairman of  America First Policy Institute’s Center for Election Integrity.