Systems and security: The federal Election Assistance Commission’s duty to U.S. Voters

December 8th, 2021

Election Assistance Commissioner Donald Palmer delves into the details of EAC’s mission to secure accurate vote counts by setting standards for voting systems, funding security initiatives, collecting voting data, and acting as a clearinghouse for system best practices. Commissioner Palmer addresses Cleta’s critical observation, “election offices need to go back to administering elections according to state law and not trying to increase (partisan) turnout” by explaining the EAC’s work with registered voting machine manufacturers, addressing antiquated voting systems and software updates, and testing and certifying voting data. If “the devil is in the details,” Commissioner Palmer has the inside track. 

Appointed by President Donald J. Trump, Navy veteran and former JAG officer, Donald Palmer is a Commissioner and Chairman of the federal Election Assistance Commission. Mr. Palmer is an experienced election integrity official, serving in Florida as Director of Elections and later as Secretary of Virginia’s State Board of Elections. He also served in the Voting Section of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.