Cleta and the Election Integrity Network welcome you to Virginia Week!

January 10th, 2022

With the Inauguration of Virginia’s new statewide officials looming, listen to / watch a series of interviews with Virginia citizen heroes – who show by their example what citizens can do to restore faith in the election process by getting involved in the process!

In 2021, citizen activists and leaders across Virginia created the Virginia Fair Elections Coalition, a network of local and state groups dedicated to ensuring that the 2021 elections in Virginia conformed to applicable law.  The active statewide coalition met – and continues to meet weekly- with leaders who formed local election integrity task forces.  Actively involved in monitoring and engaging at the local election offices, they helped ensure that the elections were conducted properly.

In this Podcast, Cleta touts Virginia as a model for election integrity due to these “smart, dedicated, engaged patriots.” Find out why — and how we all can be engaged in protecting the ballots of all Americans. Every day this week, Virginia Week, a different citizen leader from Virginia will explain what their local groups were doing in 2021.  A “don’t miss” mini-series from Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell.