Against all odds, The Real Findings of the Arizona Senate Audit of Maricopa County’s Conduct of the 2020 General Election with Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann

February 18th, 2022

When Arizona’s Senate President Karen Fann’s office received numerous reports of potential voting irregularities from Maricopa County voters after the 2020 election, she took a strong leadership role to investigate, identify and fix reported problems. No stranger to powerful leadership, Fann started her career as a female entrepreneur in the highway construction business, served in local office as councilman and mayor, went on to the AZ House, and is currently Arizona’s second woman Senate president.

As the leader of the decision to audit Maricopa County’s 2020 election, Fann fought pushback from the majority Republican Board of Supervisors and constant attack by the national and state liberal media. But the results of the audit report she insisted must be conducted revealed thousands of errors, irregularities, illegal votes, maladministration, sloppiness, and votes cast and counted in violation of state law.  The audit findings are shocking.

In Arizona in 2020, Joe Biden bested Donald Trump by only 10,457 votes. The Senate audit found 23,444 ballots were from “bad” addresses. More than 9,000 ballots were returned to election offices than were received by voters, and 5,295 voters appear to have voted in multiple counties. (See page 5 of the Audit Report for details.). Among other problems, mistakes and failures to adhere to the Arizona election code.

All totaled, Fann and her audit team found more than 49,500 cases of potential unlawful ballots or fraud — nearly four hundred percent of the vote differential between the two presidential candidates.

Senator Fann discusses with Cleta the current status of the audit as the Arizona Attorney General’s office reviews the audit findings and evidence. Sen. Fann also discusses the legislation currently pending in the Arizona legislature to correct problems identified in the audit.


Groundbreaking Audit Report To Arizona Senate