Glenn Beck, Ron DeSantis Among Movement Leaders at CPI Winter Leadership Conference

February 28th, 2022

Amelia Island, FL – On February 10-14, 2022, the Conservative Partnership Institute brought together some of the biggest names in the conservative movement at its 2nd annual Winter Leadership Conference and its 2022 Conservative Members Retreat. 

These multi-day events engage leaders from around the country–including federal and state officials, conservative movement leaders, senior staff, and conservative philanthropists–to discuss how best to save our country for the next generation.

Speakers included commentator, author, and Blaze Media Co-Founder Glenn Beck.  Beck called on conservatives to take on the forces aligned against conservatives–from the federal bureaucracy to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda of Big Business.

Attendees also heard from Seth Dillon, the CEO of the Babylon Bee, whose satirical news stories about the left have oftentimes predicted real life, and as a result, have been met with “fact checking” and censorship. 

Dillon urged conservatives to speak the truth without reservation: “When we censor ourselves, we do the tyrant’s work for him.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave keynote remarks highlighting how his state is leading the charge for liberty, public safety, freedom, and a thriving economy. 

The Leadership Conference also featured updates from the five nonprofit organizations CPI launched in 2021: The American Accountability Foundation, American Moment, Center for Renewing America, American Cornerstone Institute, and America First Legal Foundation.

These CPI-founded groups have used background research, legal challenges, staffing, and other means to expose the Biden administration and grow the movement.

Attendees also heard from former Club for Growth Executive Director Andy Roth about the new State Freedom Caucus Network, which he leads; as well as from CPI Senior Legal Fellow Cleta Mitchell, who shared updates on CPI’s Election Integrity Network.

The Winter Leadership Conference was preceded by CPI’s 2nd annual Conservative Members Retreat–an educational and strategy retreat for members of Congress. 

The two dozen members in attendance heard from conservative leaders and from CPI’s team of Capitol Hill veterans about congressional rules, procedure, policy, and messaging. 

The event had a special focus on solving the challenges Americans care about: ending vaccine mandates, securing the southern border; de-radicalizing public education; taking on Big Tech censorship; and lowering record-high crime rates.