Defend Florida drives election integrity through data and relationships

April 20th, 2022

An expert sheep herder as a young boy in Israel, Defend Florida co-founder Ro Grosman could never have imagined he would later use similar skills in creating an election integrity movement in Florida. Now a proud American, Ro uses his passion for liberty and experience as a tech entrepreneur to shepherd like-minded patriots and grassroots activists toward clear election integrity strategies and goals.

Focused on cleaning up irregularities on Florida’s voter rolls, in only two years, Defend Florida has utilized strategies of canvassing the residences of registered voters, advocating for control mechanisms, and building relationships with election officials, legislators and the state executive to foster changes that boost voter confidence and by extension, turnout.

In its canvassing activity alone, Defend Florida’s 500+ volunteers interacted with 14,000 registered voters, and submitted findings to officials documenting at least 5,500 irregularities, including deceased voters still (repeatedly) receiving ballots and addresses that proved non-existent. 

Ro and Cleta walk through how Defend Florida has successfully overcome resistance from local election officials and worked within the system to achieve positive results. Ro is expanding the impact of Defend Florida’s work into other states, and has advice for all in the election integrity movement on how to start identifying and fixing problems with registrations and absentee ballots nationwide.

To learn more about Defend Florida, text “Defend” to 474747.  To receive a copy of Defend Florida’s 8 Step E-Book on how to engage as a citizen activist, text “Book” to 91776