Tales from the crypt: the Department of Justice’s Voting “Left” Section

August 31st, 2022

In the aftermath of the unprecedented August, 2022 raid on President Donald Trump’s personal residence, it is clear that the FBI has become a puppet of the left. But who pulls the strings? The Department of Justice and the deeply ingrained leftist attorneys and bureaucrats who operate within.

Perhaps no one has better insight into its dark, heavily partisan schemes and activities more than attorney Maureen Riordan of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, who served for two decades as a senior attorney in the DOJ’s Voting Rights Section.

In her twenty years with the DOJ, Maureen worked on hundreds of election, voting, and redistricting cases, and litigated under the NVRA. In this edition of Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell, Maureen recounts her DOJ journey, where she quickly uncovered open, one-sided partisan communication and plans in a federal government agency that should always remain fair, constitutionally-adherent and non-partisan.  

Noting she was “flabbergasted” by the Department’s unapologetic activities as a weaponized arm of the far left’s anti-election integrity initiatives, populated with attorneys and staff from far-left organizations, with an open agenda of tipping the scales away from equal application of law and targeting states it considered too conservative and constitutionally sound in the area of voting laws, its role in the Mar-a-Lago raid should be no surprise.

With this raid, it is clear that the DOJ has gone completely rogue, and fully abandoned its charter, mission and rule of law. Attorney General Merrick Garland should be removed from office, and its leftist staff and attorneys removed and replaced with professionals who respect and uphold the Constitution.  

As you listen to Maureen and Cleta discuss these issues on this Podcast, you will learn the full extent of the DOJ’s activism.  We hope you will then go to www.whoscounting.us, to learn what you can do to protect the integrity of elections in your area. 

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