“Overseas” Ballots: No Address No ID No problem

September 21st, 2022

In a new report, Verity Vote founder Heather Honey utilizes her open-source investigative skills to uncover an emerging vote fraud concern — overseas ballots and their potential as a strategy for leftwing vote fraud.

Analysis of overseas ballots, and leftwing social media chatter unabashedly promoting it as a new frontier for fraud, should be a great concern to election integrity advocates.

In 2020, despite a significant decrease in private citizens living abroad, civilian overseas ballots increased in massive numbers. A discrepancy of 350,000 ballots exists between numbers reported by the federal government and counts by the states. Many “overseas” ballots were cast by email from … somewhere. Selected hand recounts found as many as 100 percent of these votes were for one presidential candidate only.

Join Cleta and Heather as they discuss what this new information could mean for the security of our elections.