The Palin Precedent & “Rigged” Choice Voting

September 7th, 2022

The Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow, Hans von Spakovsky, is an attorney and nationally renowned expert in election law and procedures. In this episode, Cleta and Hans expose an emerging threat to election integrity – ranked-choice voting. Complex, disorienting and arguably unconstitutional, it is destabilizing to our electoral process, unfair to our voters, and must be stopped.

RCV’s targets are conservative districts and its victims are its voters. In Alaska’s first round congressional primary (June), Sarah Palin came in first and Democrat Mary Peltola, fourth. In round two (August) 60% of voters voted Republican yet Peltola won. In New York’s recent mayoral race, 140K legitimate ballots were deliberately discarded during the RCV process. Alaskans were hoodwinked into thinking it was a good idea; now they know better. It is on the ballot in Nevada this November, and being pushed by the left in other states in an effort to end a voter’s right to specifically choose the candidate of their choice.

A report on ranked choice voting by Hans and J. Chrisitan Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation can be found here.