COMPASS: The DOJ arrests pro-lifers; PayPal goes woke

October 11th, 2022

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill.

The Senate returns this week to debate the National Defense Authorization Act, but won’t return to vote until November 14th. The House is still out.

Yet the regime presses forward. Apparently in response to the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v Wade in June, the Department of Justice is now moving against pro-lifers. From Tim Carney:

The FBI is on a rampage against pro-life activists and protesters, having charged a dozen men and women with federal felonies in the last three weeks for offenses that allegedly occurred last year. Twice, the FBI has deployed platoons of armed agents to arrest middle-aged fathers with no record of violent crimes.

The picture is clear: Anyone who has ever been charged with a crime, even if the charges were dropped or were for a misdemeanor, should expect a visit from the Biden FBI if the old charges involved pro-life activism or advocacy.

This is a clear politicization of the Justice Department, putting the bureau at the service of the abortion lobby. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s DOJ has made it clear that its priority is locking up as many pro-lifers as possible and harassing the rest.

One of these fathers appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday to describe his arrest by armed and flak-jacketed FBI agents in front of his 11 children. Keep in mind that last week, Joe Biden issued a mass pardon for thousands convicted of marijuana possession under federal law. Criminal justice reform! Just not if you’re pro-life.

Large corporations are also continuing their woke assault. Last week, PayPal, the world’s largest non-bank lender, used by 31 million small businesses, unveiled a policy that would fine users up to $2,500 for spreading “misinformation.” They retracted the policy after being on the receiving end of massive backlash, claiming it “went out in error.”

Did it, or was the error that it got noticed? PayPal has been woke-ifying for the last year, ever since they announced a partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to begin policing the ideology of their users. I did a monologue warning about the dangers of this a year ago when I was guest hosting Hill TV’s show, Rising.

Finally, in some (possible) good news, it looks like Elon Musk may actually pull off a Twitter deal. He announced last week that he intends to proceed with his original $54.20 per share offer to acquire the company. I told Fox News on Friday that a sale finalized before the midterms could be this year’s October surprise. An election free of social media censorship? Can you imagine?

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One More Thing…

I mentioned last week that the Supreme Court is taking up two Big Tech cases this term. I unpack one of them in this essay, and what it could mean for Big Tech’s government subsidy, Section 230.