Now What? Join Election Integrity Network And Other Citizen Patriots To Continue To Reclaim America’s Elections!

November 9th, 2022

The election integrity movement has been attacked by the left wing propaganda press and even the President of the United States, and its members openly threatened and intimidated. Why? Because, as EIN Chairman Cleta Mitchell notes in this post-election podcast, with the engagement of citizen patriots, our movement has made major strides in protecting the “consent of the governed” – the foundation of our constitutional republic.

In one short year, EIN has moved to protect ballots and lawful voters with: ten election integrity summits nationwide to train and provide resources to the election integrity movement; release of our downloadable Citizens Guide to Building a Permanent Infrastructure; creation of online Election Integrity Master Classes covering all aspects of election integrity; Cleta’s informative series of Who’s Counting podcasts with election integrity experts; and utilizing the “Virginia Model” to foster and host a nationwide state election integrity leaders call, more than two dozen state-based task forces and countless local task forces.

These resources allow our grassroots partners and poll watchers to learn how to accurately and lawfully observe, document and report any activity in voting that does not comport with state law. 

With specific examples from a number of states, Cleta explains the history of left wing infiltration that led to the weakening of voter protections, and discusses specific strategies and steps EIN will be taking in the next two years to reverse bad law and promote strong protections.

We will address our system’s greatest weaknesses including Vote By Mail (a methodology proven impossible for election officials to verify voter identification,) promoting laws that ensure the number of voters equals the number of ballots cast equals the number of votes counted, that the acceptance of ballots ends at 7 PM on election day, and enforcing laws that require political parity as poll observation is specifically designed so that each party watches the other.

EIN will also continue to support litigation that protects voters and enforces law and any other policy and legislative fixes that provide transparency, accuracy, fairness and accountability in every corner of election law and procedure. Another goal is to ensure that statewide election integrity task forces are up and running in every state. 

We hope you will join us on this election integrity journey, share our resources with others, and become a partner with us and thousands of “regular folks” around the country concerned with the security and fairness of our elections.