Cleta Mitchell & Heather Honey: The Lawless Elections of Maricopa County

January 11th, 2023

Please join Cleta as she interviews Verity Vote founder and Pennsylvania Fair Elections Coalition Chair Heather Honey, recently called as an expert witness in the post-2022 Arizona election integrity court case. 

With her election integrity experience, expertise as an open source investigator and ability to review and interpret the accuracy of ballot reporting systems and procedures, Heather traveled to Maricopa, Arizona to investigate and report on allegations of mishandled ballots, chain of custody failures, lack of compliance with state law and reporting requirements, and the post-election appearance of 25,000 mystery ballots.

Heather reveals facts about the mishandling of ballots from ballot printers to their transportation on a truck with none of the required documentation completed to the co-mingling of counted ballots with uncounted ballots. And undelivered ballots? Between the Post Office and the County election office, they are …. somewhere? In addition to her key work and analysis in Arizona, Heather also won a recent public access request court case in her native Pennsylvania after first being denied by her local election office and the Secretary of State who blocked the public release of the state’s very public voting records.