COMPASS: The Biden Administration Personnel Problems

March 21st, 2023

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill.

The House comes back for an abbreviated week after the Republican conference retreat and the Senate will be in session Tuesday through Friday this week.

When the House returns this week, it will turn its attention to H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights Act. The Senate will debate and likely vote on the repeal of the 1991 Gulf War AUMF and the 2002 Iraq War AUMF.

While the most deliberative legislative body in the world, the United States House of Representatives, pushes forward with legislative items, the United States Senate is mostly still just processing nominations. This might be sleepy for some, but as mentioned previously, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has taken it upon himself to block defense nominations based on the fact the Biden Administration is advancing its abortion policy through the DOD.

Similarly, the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), which was founded at the start of the Biden Administration by Tom Jones, has been leading the effort to heavily scrutinize the policy and personnel choice of this administration. AAF’s keen interest in personnel choices is having an impact. Just last week, Gigi Sohn, nominated by the Biden Administration to the Federal Communications Commission, withdrew her nomination after a year and a half of exposing her radical positions. A key piece of information uncovered by AAF was her 2022 donations to the Senatorial campaigns of several Senators who would be tasked to advance her nomination.

The Daily Caller covered this in February, highlighting a letter sent by Jones to the Senators who accepted the donations, as well as a line of questioning from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) during her confirmation hearing. Jones wrote, “Ms. Sohn’s donations to your campaigns and your acceptance of her contributions during the pendency of her confirmation have irrevocably corrupted the decision-making process and made an objective vote on her confirmation impossible.”

Senator Cruz honed in on this during her confirmation hearing asking her, “Do you believe it was poor judgment to give 12 separate political contributions to Democrat Senators while your nomination was pending?” Sohn’s response, “No.”

This wasn’t the first time the AAF has highlighted serious concerns with Biden Administration nominees. AAF has been credited with helping force the withdrawal of the nomination of David Chipman who was nominated to be the Director of the ATF, but faced a slew of questions regarding his anti-Second Amendment positions and his unprofessional conduct and racist statements he made at work. AAF’s research led to the withdrawal of an avowed Marxist, Saule Omarova, by unearthing her plans to nationalize private banks and her desire to destroy the U.S. oil and gas industry. Among many more, Alice Hill was forced to withdraw to be the Deputy Administrator for Resilience at FEMA when AAF revealed her radical climate ideology and agenda which included co-authoring a report pushing for open borders for those “displaced” by climate change.

The adage, “Personnel is policy” rings true in the government buildings of D.C. and AAF is one of the leading organizations on the right conducting serious oversight and investigative work to more critically scrutinize the personnel choices of the Biden Administration. A full listing of the research and nominations AAF has engaged on can be found here.

It can be assumed so long as the Senate continues to just process Biden Administration nominations, AAF will continue to unearth more radical evidence in the case against confirming these individuals to these key positions.

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ICYMI: We’re hearing that the House Judiciary Committee will be marking up a series of border security and immigration bills soon. Stay tuned…