Mac Warner: Turning Over The Rocks of Election Integrity’s Critical Infrastructure

March 8th, 2023

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner is a West Point graduate and attorney who served in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps. As such, he knows the law and understands the value of rules and procedures. Leaning on expertise acquired through those experiences, Mac is a leading advocate for election integrity both in his state and nationwide by his interaction with other Secretaries of State through personal relationships and participation in the National
Association of Secretaries of States.

A key responsibility of any Secretary of State is ensuring proper and lawful adherence to that state’s voting laws. This sacred duty also includes protecting voters of that state from unlawful, unconstitutional intrusion or manipulation from the federal government and any of its alphabet soup of agencies to disrupt or destabilize free and fair elections.

On March 6, 2023, just a few days after this episode was recorded, Secretary Warner took a big step in protecting his state’s voters when he announced that West Virginia would join Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Missouri in revoking its participation in ERIC (Electronic Records Information Center) a non-government organization that poses as a “voter roll clean up” entity that cleaned up nothing, but is a conduit to state sharing of private data about unregistered citizens to third party leftwing voter activist organizations.

Maintaining voter rolls is also one of the Secretary’s key duties, and after entering office he and his staff worked with county clerks to remove over 365,000 names from the state’s voter rolls by researching death and address change records.

Cleta and Mac discuss a wide range of topics from the incursion and blatant bias of federal agencies such as the FBI, DHS and DOJ into state and local election procedures, true disinformation about election security spread by these agencies in cooperation with leftwing organizations, proven interference in our elections by non-state actors, the role of technology and cyber security, and utilizing strict guidelines in protecting American voters’ ballots.

Secretary Warner notes that real voter suppression comes from the erosion of voter confidence caused by false talking points and unlawful voting procedure changes – all from the left and the federal government – that lead to confusion and disillusionment of the voting public.

The West Virginia Secretary of State proves that good governance is possible, but only when elected officials put rule of law ahead of self-serving and manipulative partisan politics. That describes Secretary Mac Warner in a nutshell.