Cleta Mitchell

Senior Legal Fellow

Cleta Mitchell is the Senior Legal Fellow at CPI and is the Founder of the Election Integrity Network. Cleta is an attorney, licensed in Oklahoma and the District of Columbia, who has practiced election, campaign finance, and political law for decades. Cleta graduated from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She is one of the founders and is Chairman of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, the only conservative public interest law firm devoted solely to election integrity. Cleta was one of the key attorneys who fought back against the Obama IRS during the targeting of tea party groups. She was a volunteer attorney for the 2020 Trump legal team in Georgia. Cleta is admitted to practice before many federal district courts and the US Supreme Court.

Cleta’s weekly podcast “Who’s Counting?” explores all topics related to election integrity. It can be accessed at the Election Integrity Network’s website: