Mark Meadows

Senior Partner

President Trump called Mark Meadows “the guy who never stops working.”

Mark’s work is that of a true public servant. From his days in the U.S. House of Representatives to his time as President Trump’s chief of staff to his current role as CPI’s Senior Partner, Mark has worked tirelessly to shift the focus from the desires of Washington politicians to the needs of the American people.

Working with the House Freedom Caucus, which he co-founded in 2015, he helped strip key provisions of Obamacare as it crushed the American people with sky-high premiums and fewer healthcare choices. He helped pass the historic tax cuts of 2017. And he changed the dynamic of the Republican conference and helped oust then-House Speaker John Boehner. Mark and his fellow Freedom Caucus members would go on to successfully defend President Trump from the bogus Russia collusion attacks and impeachment.

By the time he became chief of staff in 2020, Mark had already spent countless hours working with the 45th president to give the American people a seat at the table.

Mark was President Trump’s gatekeeper and top advisor, steering the White House through one of the most tumultuous years in American history, as COVID-19 lockdowns, race riots, and other assertions of leftist power ripped through the country.

When Mark left government service in January 2021, he wanted to keep up the fight. That made CPI his obvious landing spot. As senior partner, he helps lead CPI’s strategic initiatives on Capitol Hill, with other partner organizations, and with grassroots activists across the country.

Mark also paved the way for other former Trump administration officials to join CPI’s staff and partner organizations. In December 2021, he released his book, “The Chief’s Chief,” about his time in the White House.

Above all, Mark is a deeply committed Christian and has continuously demonstrated a devotion to his faith even in the highest pressure environments. Before coming to Washington in 2013 to represent North Carolina’s 11th District, he had spent nearly 30 years creating growth and value by specializing in startups and business reorganization.

He and his wife Debbie are proud to have homeschooled their two children, now grown, and have two granddaughters.