Mark Meadows

Senior Partner

Mark began serving North Carolina’s Eleventh District in Congress in January of 2013, running for Congress after a nearly 30 year career in business, creating growth and value by specializing in startups and business reorganization.

From the time he arrived in Washington D.C, Meadows quickly developed a reputation on Capitol Hill as a principled conservative with a unique ability to communicate, negotiate, and find consensus among members with differing opinions. Both Democrats and Republicans alike, upon working with Meadows, frequently referred to him as a “great leader,” a “listener,” and someone who “doesn’t back down from a fight.” Within just a few years, colleagues, journalists, and political commentators, quickly came to know him as one of the most influential Members of Congress.

In November 2016, Meadows was elected as the second Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus-an influential group of roughly three dozen lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives, which he co-founded in January of 2015. He led the group through numerous high profile legislative battles, including healthcare reform, tax reform, immigration reform, government funding battles, and more. Several commentators labeled the House Freedom Caucus, under Meadows’ leadership, as a group with “newfound clout in Washington.”

In March of 2020, Meadows left Congress for the White House to serve as President Donald J. Trump’s chief of staff, helping the President deliver on his promise to make the forgotten men and women of America be forgotten no longer. For a year he served as the President’s gatekeeper, top advisor, and as President Trump often called him: “the guy who never stops working.” And most recently, in January, Meadows accepted the position of Senior Partner with the Conservative Partnership Institute.

Above all, Congressman Meadows is a deeply committed Christian, and someone who has continuously demonstrated a devotion to his faith even in the highest pressure environments.

Mark and his wife Debbie have two married children and two granddaughters.