Congressional Policy and Procedure

CPI Senior Director of Policy, Rachel Bovard, regularly hosts four to five-week seminars which focus on the best tactics, strategies, and tools for conservatives to translate good policy into substantive action on the House and Senate floors. Among our premier offerings are Senate Procedure and Strategy, and House Procedure and Strategy, which are taught by veteran Capitol Hill staff and are designed to train conservative Hill staff and movement strategists on key parliamentary procedures and tactics.

CPI’s training canon includes other key skills based courses for Hill and movement staff that cover writing for policy, congressional oversight, and managing the administrative state. Training courses also focus on key policy areas, including health care, energy and infrastructure, and the federal budget.

For more information contact Rachel Bovard: [email protected]

The Revere Project

Paul Revere took a clear message straight to the people and changed the course of American history. The Revere Project aims to equip a new generation of communicators with the same powerful voice today.

Digital communication isn’t rocket science. But, it does take training, practice, and mentorship. The Revere Project has tapped industry leaders to create a training program that will graduate digital and communications professionals on Capitol Hill with the skills necessary to win the messaging war.

For more information contact Scooter Schaefer and Sondra Clark at: [email protected]